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Fast connections and precise information with RS485 serial link.
AVS uses in its products a digital technology able to detect tampering attempts and avoid sending false alarms.
Wireless devices using the frequency and approved the system PLL ensures the reliability of radio communications.
کاهش انرژِی مصرفی
30 درصد کاهش انرژی مصرفی در این محصول.محصولات ایتالیایی بر اساس قوانین کاهش مصرف ملزم به کاهش مصرف تا حدود 30 درصد هستند.
USB connection with a computer on-site, using the appropriate software you can analyze the device status in real time.
entire range
The entire range is ONE complete anti-masking function for efficiency 24 hours 24.
Particular attention
Particular attention was paid to the signals caused by pets, to allow the presence of dogs up to medium size.
The barriers are mounted
The barriers are mounted in specially designed to tolerate and facilitate even the most sensitive installations.
barrier is finished
The barrier is finished with resins tropicalizzanti to ensure good resistance to weathering.
function allows the digital
This function allows the digital accidental interruption of the beam between the two units, may compromise the safety of the system.
feature is very useful
This feature is very useful to prevent intentional interruption of the beam between the two units, may compromise the safety of the system.
possible to modulate
It's 'possible to modulate virtually the protected area, can reduce all situations that could create unwanted alarms.
align the sensor (2)
When the intruder is approaching the protected area, automatically it increases the sensitivity for easier detection.
align the sensor
To align the sensor, you can take advantage of a robust joint complete with tamper.
standard actuator  (2)
Outspider structure is designed to withstand the toughest environmental conditions.
standard actuator
The standard actuator with an 90 ° jet, other regulators are available for installation solutions always effective.
The active infrared technology, allows to distinguish masking attempts of the sensor and the decrease in yield over time
effect sensors (2)
The objects oscillating no longer be cause of false alarms. Outspider is able to discriminate the movements typical of branches, cloths, etc ....
effect sensors
ONE, effect sensors digital tent with the accelerometer: a technology capable of signaling attempts of disorientation.
range of sensors
A range of sensors curtain effect, suitable to defend the perimeter, resistant to weather and temperature changes.

The intruder who passes through the 2 units reduces consecutively the received signal, up to reach the alarm level and generate the alarm. The perimeter protection is achieved by installing multiple barriers in single thread Digital BM HP advantages AUTOMATIC GAIN CONTROL (AGC) The environmental variations may improve or deteriorate the microwaves level reception over time. An Automatic Gain Control circuit automatically optimizes the level to maintain it flat: the settings are easier, the security is higher. REDUCTION OF THE SENSIBILITY AREA BM HP may reduce digitally of up to 30% the area of sensibility and then ignore the movements in the peripheral objects (i.e. from fences or trees) which are the origin of unwanted alarms. FALSE ALARM FILTER BM HP barriers records automatically up to 3600 events it is possible to classify between good and false alarms. BM HP verifies then the new events according to this database and stop the unwanted alarms. DIGITAL INTERFACE Additionally to the NC outputs and other regular settings, BM HP present a USB and a RS485 port to be coupled to a RS485 hub or an AVS ELECTRONICS’ control panel. SOFTWARE Thanks to the local USB port or remotely by PSTN, GSM or IP, HPWIN software shows all the parameters, an oscilloscope, the 3600 last alarm events (with date and time) and proposes all the tools to set the barriers.

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